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In the fall of 2017 Testing and Learning Systems had 3 students receive a perfect sore of 800 on the math portion of the SAT examination. Several students working with us in English had score 750 and above.

Dr. Goldberg is an SAT genius...

Dr. Goldberg is an SAT genius. His assistance was central to my SAT Writing and Critical Reading preparation. He is a fine educator and one of the most personable, interesting teachers I’ve ever had.
...his lessons helped
improve my scores.
Put quite simply, his lessons helped improve my scores. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is serious about the SAT.
- Aaron Levy



An extremely unique coach...

Dr. Sheldon Goldberg is an extremely unique coach in the field of education.  My three children have progressed a great deal in the High School Entrance Exams and SATs through the guidance and teachings of Dr. Goldberg.  He goes well beyond his daily routine to accommodate a schedule to meet with the kids in order to prepare them for the Exams in the amount of time needed.  It may be at 7:00 am on a Sunday morning, but he makes sure he has your child prepared before test time. 
The kids just love him...
He gets through to them.
The kids just love him.  He gets through to them in many ways academically  as well as instilling a sense of responsibility in each and everyone of them.
- Maria Noon



I was faced with several different entrance exams...

When it came time for me to start applying to different high schools, I was faced with several different high school entrance exams. Since I was not a strong standardized test taker, I attended Testing and Learning System’s High School Admission Test Prep Course. The skills I was taught by Dr. Goldberg and his team at this course helped me earn a score on my entrance exam that opened doors for numerous scholarship opportunities.
Three years later when my junior year rolled around, I enrolled in a Testing and Learning Systems class focused on intensive preparation for PSAT/SAT. With the help of this course, I was able to push my decent
I was not a strong
standardized test taker...
PSAT scores from the year before to a score recognized by the National Merit Honor Society. This recognition looks outstanding on a college application and has allowed myself to become more marketable to universities across the country.
Later in my junior year, I was put up against the dreaded SAT. Through several one hour sessions with Dr. Goldberg, I was able to raise my
... This recognition looks outstanding
on a college application.
math score by one hundred points. This accomplishment has put me in the position to apply to more selective universities.
- Joe Kelly



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